Weighted Lap Elephant (25" x 19", 4LBS)


Our Weighted Lap Elephant helps to improves focus and releases an overall sense of calm and peace.

***Winner of the Mom's Choice Award For Excellence***

The Elephant-Shaped Weighted Lap Blanket is 4 lbs. and 25 x 19 inches; around 15% larger than our closest competitor. Our blankets have removable, washable, dual-sided covers made from sensory minky dot on the belly, ears and tail and plush polyester derived from  on the other side. The inner weighted blanket is made with 100% breathable cotton with non-toxic glass beads that provide the weight. The small, 4.8 inch pockets on the inner blanket guarantees an even distribution of weight and 100% satisfaction. The cover is removable and washable at low temperatures.

Our blankets are designed to help stay calm and focused at home, in the classroom, when traveling or during any stressful events. 

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