Stress Relief in Time for the Holidays

Barmy is very pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website, Our products focus on relaxation and stress relief for both adults and children and comes just in time for the holidays.

The initial range includes a weighted sleep mask and a weighted neck and shoulder wrap. Barmy will then be launching weighted lap blankets for kids and adults in the next few weeks. We have focused on weighted products as they release an overall sense of calm and peace, provide anxiety and stress relief, improve focus and general levels of wellbeing.

Stress Relief Products

The Weighted Sleep Mask is designed to provide an even distribution of weight around the stress points of the face that can relieve headaches and migraines and help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Our Neck and Shoulder Wrap can be chilled in the freezer to provide cooling therapy. The wrap provides deep, soothing muscle pain and tension relief to help our customers relax and relieve stress and anxiety at any time of the day. Our weighted lap blankets for kids are 5 lbs. and 24 x 24 inches; over 25% larger than the nearest competitor.

Weighted Lap Blankets

The kids’ blanket will be available in 4 colors: blue, pink, purple and orange. Our adult blanket comes in 1 color, cool gray, and is slightly heavier and larger at 6 lbs. and 48 X 24 inches. All our blankets have removable, washable, dual-sided covers made from sensory minky dot on one side and cooling, hypoallergenic bamboo fabric on the other side. Our weighted lap blankets are made with 100% breathable cotton with sturdy stitching. The small, 4.8inch pockets on the weighted inner blanket guarantee an even distribution of weight and 100% satisfaction.

Focus On Quality

Barmy focuses on designing and manufacturing the finest quality products to help our customers with anxiety and stress relief. Barmy products are ideal stress relief gifts for friends, colleagues or loved ones. Our new website coincides with the launch of our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have further plans to create our own YouTube channel in early 2020. Please feel free to browse our website and provide any feedback you may have to