Benefits of Weighted Lap Pads for Kids

Children are precious and innocent little people who look at the world with wonder and curiosity. There's nothing more difficult for a parent than watching their child struggle or suffer. One in six kids experiences sensory symptoms that negatively impact their daily lives. Sensory issues come in all forms and types. Triggers include smell, touch, light, sound or taste. Children with sensory issues struggle to effectively receive and respond to information delivered via their senses. There are countless ways to help your child deal with sensory issues and weighted lap pads are one such way.

Weighted lap pads offer their own unique benefits. Keep reading to discover how this innovative technology can bring comfort and peace to your entire family.

Deep Touch Pressure From Weighted Lap Pad

This is the beauty and technology behind both weighted blankets and lap pads. Each pad contains small pockets of weighted material like beads or pellets, giving it its hefty feel. Overstimulation is a common ailment of children dealing with these conditions. If your child has touch sensory issues they probably don't like being held, hugged too tightly, or even touched gently on their skin.

A weighted lap blankets may provide just enough touch and pressure to help your child feel safe without being overwhelmed.

Easy to Transport

If your family already enjoys the benefits of a weighted blanket, you probably know that it can be heavy and cumbersome to travel with. Whether you're planning a road trip or a sleepover, a weighted lap pad allows you to bring your child's favorite comfort item on the go. Weighted lap pads easily drape over your child's lap, leaving their hands free to play and explore.